Spirit Of Light Pro
Imagine a world where the light is the greatest treasure... Where the most terrifying creatures that have never seen the light of the world are ready to HUNT for it whatever it takes... Where the last ray of light is the last hope of life...

HOW TO PLAY: The God Of Light hidden in the underworld is dying. Chasing the light flow is the only way to survive in the underwater empire. In a world with the lights out, luminosity is the most precious and desirable treasure. Protect the dying light from every underwater fish or any other creatures of the night hunting for it: tap and swipe to fight for light.

Spirit Of Light Pro features:
- a masterpiece game with the most unusual plot;
- mysterious light effects will make your hair stand on end;
- breath-taking light hd graphics;
- dark quest that will make you crave for more;
- perfect choice for all fans of underwater games and scary games with an element of survival.

Spirit Of Light Pro must be the most extraordinary game among all survival games. The plot and the atmosphere of the dark universe will make you dive in the ocean of your darkest inner fears, for this is what it takes to be the savior of the world.