Illusions World VR Pro
Virtual Reality
Welcome to Illusions World VR Pro!
Dive into this virtual world of magic and phantasy without any restrictions and limits. Pass through all levels and find the way out. Explore peaceful landscapes, be delighted at colourful illusions, use portals to shift between mysterious worlds and enjoy magic ambience music that will create fascinating atmosphere!

HOW TO USE: It's amazing first-person view game. Control your character using AWSD keys. Space - to jump. Left mouse button - to cast a fireball (destroy all obstacles). You need to find a portal to another world. Time is limited. You can open up level's portal destroying necessary obstacles like knights or crystals (you'll see the list on the left side of the screen) or wait when the set time is up.

Illusions World VR Pro features:
- atmospheric and enigmatic game;
- first-person view;
- interesting levels to pass through;
- ambience music themes.

Enjoy the magic environment Illusions World VR Pro! Good luck!