Ice & Flame Chess 3D
Playing classic chess game with friends is the best way to spend time, and we glad to represent you this board game in high-quality 3D and with amazing design! Enjoy playing Ice And Flame Chess 3D – you can organize a real chess tournament with your friends!

Two opposite elements, two menacing armies are standing in silence and waiting for your first decision. You can feel like a powerful god or like a sly puppeteer – these figures are only marionettes in your hand, you can rule their fate, only you will decide, who will protect his king to the last degree and who will be just a pawn in this mortal fight of ice and fire. Show your chess strategy in action and improve your chess skills tactics techniques.

HOW TO PLAY: Rules of this game are similar to classic chess rules. The goal of the game is to checkmate, that means to threaten the opponent's king with inevitable capture. Move your figures wisely, think on every step, and you will win! In contrast to checkers and other simple board games, you must use all your logic and wise to guess the best chess combinations and win the game. Even if you are a beginner, don’t worry, it won’t be very difficult for you to get the chess basics – just a few logical chess move by move trainings and you’ll become chess expert.

Ice And Flame Chess 3D features:
- virtual chess set in high-quality 3D;
- choose your element - shining fire or brilliant water;
- guess opponent's logic and become a champion;
- play with your friend or vs computer.

Ice And Flame Chess 3D – let’s start this chess story! Choose your element, use your logic and find out what it takes to become a chess master!