Ghost GO Pro
Virtual Reality
If you have watched Ghost Busters in your childhood Ghost Detector VR Pro must be the biggest present for you. Now you have a unique opportunity to find all wayward souls that are surrounding you. Feel like a real ghost buster with our powerful ghost detector!

HOW TO USE: Launch the app to start scanning and find out about supernatural phenomena around you. However, don't take it so seriously. It is just a prank application!

Ghost Detector VR Pro Features:
- Powerful ghost scanner: wayward souls won't hide from you;
- Perfect prank application to surprise your friends and family;
- Reveals ghosts and supernatural phenomena.

If you don't see a ghost it doesn't mean that the ghost doesn't see you too, so you'd better be ready! Don't be scared, just scan your home!

You need VIRTUAL REALITY GLASSES (VR) to use this app.