Cartoon Camera 3D
Virtual Reality
Cartoon Camera 3D – cool AR (augmented reality) effects in your device!
Take pictures with adorable virtual characters and share with friends! Decorate your pictures with four bears-musicians and take unique pics!

1. Point your camera at a surface and choose from the reality scenes available. Cartoon Camera 3D will automatically detect the surface you're pointing your camera at and place the chosen character on it.
2. You can pick one or several characters at the same time.
3. Make your friends bears play funny tunes! Each character plays its own instrument – turn them on or off whenever you want!

Cartoon Camera 3D features:
- four pre-loaded characters;
- smart surface recognition;
- pick one or several cartoon characters at the same time;
- AR FX camera in your device;
- turn the characters on and off to make them play tunes;
- cool animations.