Armored Age - Battle Tanks

**Participate in massive Online PvP tank battles**
**Unlock new Arenas, collect and upgrade unique Cards**
**Build a good balanced Army to destroy powerful enemies**
**Armored Age - Battle Tanks - show your military skills!**

Come to the battle Arena - the real World War begins! 
Build up your army, destroy enemies and manage your troop’s resources to become one of the mightiest forces in Armored Age - Battle Tanks.

Are you ready to join thousands of soldiers in this battle to win the War? 

! Prepare your super army - use high-powered TANKS !
You never know when you’ll have to battle against other troops. Gather the most powerful deck and upgrade cards

! Build strong alliances with the WORLD'S major POWERS!
Join alliances to be on the top of the battle

! Try different battle TACTICS – blitzkrieg or bravery and discipline!
Think of the best tactics to break the enemy lines

Armored Age - Battle Tanks LETS YOU:

- COLLECT and UPGRADE cards - make your units stronger and use unique cards for each side;
- –°REATE invincible army with the world’s major powers;
- USE infantry, paratroopers and heavy military equipment - combine force to get the victory;
- UNLOCK new Arenas and master every battlefield;
- TAKE daily TROPHIES: new cards for upgrades or new allies to destroy the enemies;
- EARN bonuses - gold and metal - for EVERY 5 VICTORIES;
- IMPROVE your RATING every day - get the shoulder boards for successful battles;
- DESTROY enemy’s fortifications and GET new ranks.

The innumerable and furious enemies are ready to fight - show your military skills and unleash your anger on your rivals.

The MULTIPLAYER mode is coming soon! Play with opponents all over the world and fight in REAL TIME!