This is a cool app with augmented reality effects for your device. Take pictures or record videos with adorable virtual bears and enjoy jazz music! Share with your friends your unique pics.
What if you could see more? Enrich the reality with Cartoon Camera 3D – AR app that we created to draw smiles on your faces.
Cartoon Camera 3D will let you see a music band of four adorable bears performing jazzy tunes on any chosen surface marked with a unique QR code – printed out or displayed. With its smart surface recognition, Cartoon Camera 3D will automatically detect the surface and place the characters on it. You are free to pick one or several cartoon characters and turn them on and off whenever you want.

3-step user GUIDE:
1. Launch Cartoon Camera 3D. Make sure it has access to your device's camera.
2. Point the camera at the chosen surface marked with the QR code. It will be automatically detected.
3. Pick one or several characters and watch the performance!

We hope you will enjoy the performance and Cartoon Camera 3D will become one of your favorite audiovisual apps!
If you have any suggestions or remarks, we will gladly review your feedback. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us using the following contacts: