Dragon Simulator 3D Pro
Ride your own virtual dragon and enjoy your total freedom in the sky! Unforgettable dragon flight is waiting for you - start your amazing journey to the wonderful world of magic right now!

HOW TO PLAY: Control the dragon in order to keep flying in any direction you want. Make your magical creature breathe fire! The elements of surroundings touched with your powerful flame will burn brightly! You can change the focus – front view (you’ll see the world by the dragon’s eyes), on-dragon view (as if you were sitting on this fantastic creature), and back view.

Enjoy your fantastic adventure – fly over beautiful mountains and hills of this magical kingdom. The bird's-eye view of realistic landscapes will surely bring you lots of pleasure!

Dragon Simulator Pro features:
- Ride your own virtual dragon and feel total freedom in the sky!
- Burn everything around and feel like a magician of fantasy world!
- Amazing flight simulator offering you unforgettable flight impressions;
- Realistic landscapes – fly over mountains, forest, rivers and villages.

You should certainly try Dragon Simulator Pro – it’s certainly one of the most exciting adventure games made ESPECIALLY for you!