Cross And Crush

–°ROSS all the world in DESTRUCTIVE squirrel cart! CRUSH secret enemy bases! Run away from the Cross-Angeles police and SMASH insidious Mega-Bosses!

You're not alone - there is a team of brave animals who are ready to pull your cart!

WHERE do we go? Wherever you want, even at the edge of the world...

- Santa Land

- RageTown

- Burning Desert

- Lost Jungles

- Ocean Ride

Here you have to go to make it hot for the merciless BOSSES.

Who are the BOSSES? The most terrible and fearful creatures…

- Rabbitron

- Scorpinator

- Hoboniac

- Sniper Shark

- Killing Widow 

The most unexpected upgrades for your animals, the most unpredictable locations with unique enemies and inhabitants!

Are you intrigued? Then RUSH TO A BATTLE!

CROSS AND CRUSH mission - the cool showdown in the animal world!