Nowadays the daily number of game releases is overwhelming even for the most dedicated players. Too often real gems of game design are lost in the crushing majority of new products. We make it our mission to bring the most outstanding titles into the spotlight in this mobile inventory. Akadem team collaborates with multiple independent developers and game development studios in order to fish the brilliant stuff out of sea of mediocrity.


As a team of game distributors we set the bar high looking out for products that are not only fully original and immaculate from the technical standpoint, but also able to offer gamers something unusual and exciting. Whether it’s an indie project or one of the top mobile games, we apprecaite and welcome creativity before anything else. The ultimate goal behind Akadem is to build a collection of must-play titles, making sure our developers remain motivated and the players satisfied.

On the cutting edge

Retaining the users’ engagement is a never-ending process for game distributors and creators alike. We’re aware of how fast-paced the mobile market can be and make every effort to keep up, closely monitoring the changes in players’ attitude and current trends in top mobile games. Akadem’s mobile inventory is created with an eye to the latest developments in the world of gaming. We strive to keep things fresh, both by introducing new content on regular basis and encouraging our contributors to issue updates in accordance with the users’ wishes.